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R Optics Medical is a company specializing in the supply of ophthalmic equipment from leading Western manufacturers, such as:

  • OCULUS Optikgeräte GmbH (Germany);
  • Quantel Medical (France);
  • Topcon (Japan);
  • Plasmapp (South Korea);
  • This AG (Switzerland). 

Our company works with clients all over Kazakhstan. We provide customers with a full range of services, including:

  • customs clearance of cargo;
  • delivery of cargo to the customer;
  • installation and commissioning of all equipment;
  • we provide warranty and post-warranty service.

Our service engineers have been trained and certified at manufacturing plants. R Optics Medical has the capacity to train doctors and customer service engineers in the best clinics in Kazakhstan and Europe.

The range of ophthalmic equipment offered allows us to fulfill orders for the comprehensive equipment of ophthalmic departments of hospitals, contact vision correction rooms "turnkey". All the supplied ophthalmic equipment is accompanied by the necessary documentation, has a registration certificate of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and certificates of conformity.

In some cases, we are ready to provide very favorable conditions for the purchase of ophthalmic equipment – installment payment, leasing.

We hope for fruitful cooperation.

Kazakhstan, Almaty,
Sayran microdistrict, 17

+7-727-232-15-29 Обратный звонок
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микрорайон Сайран, 17
8-727-232-15-28, 8-727-232-15-29


Официальный сайт R-Optics

Официальный сайт R-Optics

Официальный сайт R-Optics

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